IT asset management ( ITAM )

Computer hardware is aging fast, and it’s life cycle is relatively short. Many companies are optimizing their development and raises productivity through better technical equipment. They periodically exchanging their hardware and telecommunications, so they can increase their efficiency. Thus maintain a continuous competitive advantage in the market.

The optimal time for the operation of equipment replacement is a 2-3 year period since the purchase of new equipment. This time interval is optimal with 4 main reasons:

  1. Computer performance doubles roughly every year.
  2. The value of new equipment decreases 30% per annum
  3. Average manufacturer’s warranty from 1 year to 3 years.
  4. You care about the environment because you don’t throw away yours old equipment.

Also, when the exchanging will be in the optimum time you gain over 4 times. It increases 2-3 times the efficiency of IT equipment, sell used equipment by market value, so you can get the measures which reduces the cost of purchasing new equipment, take off your chance of failure from IT equipment in your company after the manufacturer’s warranty ends. You’re giving chance yours old equipment recycled in the best possible way. We do it remarketing in the best way there is.

We cooperate with many companies and institutions, providing them with comprehensive services in this area and helping in the exchange of computer equipment for new or more efficient in quickly and easily. This is done in the following way. After receiving pre-orders, our experts estimate the product, ensure it’s receipt, packaging, safe and insured transportation. Then, upon arrival to our company equipment is cleaned and sensitive data are removed through a process of professional cleaning of storage media, then our testers checked it thoroughly and allow evaluation of equipment functional depending on its physical and technical condition. From the evaluation of A-equipment fully operational with no signs of use to F-equipment that is suitable for disposal. Then we issue the order received equipment based on market realities and create a package of equipment situated for sale by our it broker to our wholesale it customers both domestic and foreign markets. After selling the package is the final statement from the hardware vendor.

With us you are saving time and money. You have assurance that the equipment that you entrust will serve for a reduction in the functioning of your company in based on our experience and knowledge.

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