Bulk wholesale of used refrubished notebooks and laptops for it resselers

Omnicomp company as a wholesale dealer of used laptops and refurbished notebooks puts on a long-term cooperation with foreign and national reseller companies. On our stock you can always find proven and used – refurbished hardware in good condition at very cheap wholesale prices. Partnership with Omnicomp provides access to high-quality, diverse used – refurbished it equipment from manufacturers such as Lenovo, HP / Compaq, DELL, TOSHIBA, FUJITSU SIEMENS, SAMSUNG, Kyocera, CISCO and many others. We are giving guarantees for purchased used – refurbished products. We are focused on developing cooperations and long-term relationships with our wholesale it customers and it resellers.

Check out our wholesale offer and you will be convinced how easily is to buy goods and broaden your assortment. Generally, we are selling our equipment through the wholesale – bulk offers sent to our wholesale Customers. These bulk offers are sent using electronic mail (e-mail) in the form of a wholesale distribution list or bulk offers. These wholesale offers are the property of a Omnicomp company and it is forbidden to forward them without our permission. Our main products are: used – refurbished notebook computers ( Used – refurbished laptop computers ) , used – refurbished PCs, used – refurbished LCD monitors, used – refurbished printers also used – refurbished servers.

The Omnicomp company  as a wholesale dealer does not impose the number of a purchased goods, also Omnicomp company is a owner of a every  used – refurbished offered  equipment. The conclusion of the contract of sale is a positive answer send back by e-mail about the previously offered used – refurbished goods. Then we send you a proforma invoice with a data to transfer.

The payment deadline is 3 working days. There is also a possibility to pay cash on Pickup. Time of delivery goods depends of a size – from 1 to 5 working days. If you are interested to receive our sale offer please contact with our wholesales sale and give your company data.